4 Things You Should Avoid Wearing When Travelling
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4 Things You Should Avoid Wearing When Travelling

Planning on travelling anytime soon? You should read this!

Titilayo Ilori

There are some clothes one should avoid wearing when travelling. Not all clothes can be worn on a long distance journey.

Wearing uncomfortable clothes will only add to the stress and discomfort of travelling, especially if you are making a long journey by road.

To help make the right wardrobe choices before you make that journey, we have compiled a list of clothes and accessories you must not wear when travelling.

1. High heels

Wearing uncomfortable heels might make you look like a slay queen, but you will regret making that choice when there is an emergency.

Whether you are going by road or by air, high heels are a No-No!



2. Sweatpants

You cannot feel comfortable wearing a sweatpant for a long period of time, because it is mostly worn for sports and should not be worn sitting in a bus or plane for hours.



3. Revealing clothes

Some clothes are not supposed to be worn to some places. Wearing clothes that are provocative to travel to a new town or community of a different culture that you are not acquainted with is not advisable.

4 Things You Should Avoid Wearing When Travelling

4. Tight jeans

Wearing something tight can make you uncomfortable. It is best to wear clothes that are free and loose, not clothes that will cause discomfort.

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