Big Brother Naija: The Anticipation Keeps Building

Big Brother Naija: The Anticipation Keeps Building

Organizers of the Big Brother Naija TV reality show seem to be milking people’s anticipation for the show for all it’s worth 

Pearl Emmanuel

Big Brother Naija is going all out to drive anticipation in fans all over. Its recent partnership with foremost betting platform, Bet Naija, seems to be creating more intrigues.

According to an announcement made by Multichoice, there will be an exclusive reunion which will air from Monday, 18 March, to Sunday, 31 March, and will feature the housemates of the Big Brother Naija and Double Wahala edition.

Exciting highlights that got audience interested in the previous seasons like See Gobe and the just conducted Double Wahala will also be aired for a period of one month. This will start airing on Friday, 1st of March, and will run till the last day of March, Sunday, 31 March, on the pop up channel on DStv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29.

Fans cannot contain their excitement, as this has been the most anticipated Big Brother Naija season since the inception of the reality series.

Big Brother is one of the most popular TV shows with votes and participation more than the just concluded elections. In fact, analysts are predicting that Multichoice is set to make triple the amount made in the previous seasons.

Many are frowning at the fact that more Nigerians participate in entertainment than in politics which will determine their future.

The anticipation for the new season keeps building, leaving many to wonder if this isn’t the perfect decoy to take people’s minds off the election and economic stagnation.

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