IK Ogbonna’s Sarcastic Response To A Troll Will Leave You In Stitches

IK Ogbonna’s Sarcastic Response To A Troll Will Leave You In Stitches

Didn’t think IK Ogbonna was sarcastic? You should read his response to a man who trolled him on his dressing and see how sarcastic he can get

Pearl Emmanuel

If there was an award for the most online trolled actor in Nollywood, it would go to Ikechukwu Michael Ogbonna, or IK Ogbonna, as he is often called.

The actor is trolled for nearly everything, from his choice of marriage mate to his style and fashion sense, which some do not particularly find appealing.

He has made it a point to reply trolls, who perceive him as just another fine face with empty pockets, with a high dose of sarcasm.

The Nollywood actor, who has been quite on the low since his relationship crisis with relationship counselor wife, Sonia, uploaded a picture of himself wearing a hoodie and black ripped jeans and a pair of sneakers.

While regular people saw it as harmless fashion, a certain fan bequeathed with high biblical understanding decided to speak out.

The online troll told the actor that his dress sense was wrong because he wore a pair of ripped jeans. The fan went ahead to tell IK Ogbonna that it was unmanly and against the Bible to wear ripped jeans.

This fan went as far as describing the actor as a man “with slave mentality”. He also said the actor's forefathers dressed like real men and IK was not one.

The insult seemed to be coming from someone with a lot of hate for the actor. This, of course, left many confused as to where such deep bellied insults could have stemmed from. But IK, in his usual fashion, replied the troll with a highly intellectual and sarcastic response.

“Wow! You are so wise and blessed with wisdom ... ” the actor said. “Please, clap for yourself.”

Read his full response below:

Many fans and celebrities are applauding IK for his maturity.

Do you think it was right for the actor to respond, or should he have ignored the troll?

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