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Ini Edo Embarrasses Ex Husband Philip Ehiagwina at Florence Ita-Giwa’s Birthday Party

Ini Edo Embarrasses Ex Husband Philip Ehiagwina at Florence Ita-Giwa’s Birthday Party

See how Nollywood actress, Ini Edo snubbed her Ex-husband, Philip Ehiagwina at a society party over the weekend.

Pearl Emmanuel

This story we are about to share is a juicy one, get your cups ready for this hot tea. At the 73rd birthday celebration of Lagos socialite and politician, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa, Nollywood actress, Ini Edo blatantly snubbed her ex husband, Philip Ehiagwina.

The high society event had in attendance, Mo Abudu, Uti Nwachukwu, Ceo of Globe Motors, Willie and Nkiru Anumudu and Ini Edo’s ex husband, Philip Ehiagwina.

According to guests at the event, Philip Ehiagwina and a young male friend were at the party, although he avoided any interaction with the press and did not take pictures.

Actress Ini Edo came to the party a little later with a young female friend and at the table, she greeted everyone except her ex-husband. The entertainer made it rather obvious that she was snubbing the man she once loved.

The Olofofo at the party revealed to Happenings that Ini Edo was all smiles until she got to the table with her ex. To ‘pepper’ her ex husband, she wiggled her N 2.5m surgically improved buttocks while greeting a guest seated just beside him.

In response, Philip Ehiagwina outrighty ignored his wife - his face like stone, thereby emphasizing the cold war between them. The hostility between the duo was quite palpable, till the end of the party.

Ini Edo
Ini Edo

To understand the hostility between the duo, is to go down memory lane.

It is no longer news that Ini Edo and her ex-husband Philips Ehiagwina have a rather tumultuous relationship, as the love the duo once shared went south, as both have become bitter enemies.

Thus, this is the never before shared story of what really went down between Ini Edo and her ex husband, Philip Ehiagwina.

According to rumours albeit unverified, Ehiagwina was a ‘business man’ in America back in the day. Also his great love for actresses was well known, whenever he visited the motherland he enjoyed the company of beautiful actresses.

According to the grapevine, that is how Philip met Ini Edo after briefly dating Uche Jumbo. Also it is alleged at the time that Philip was still married to his first wife, Ruth Okoro who is an actress when he tied the knot with Ini Edo.

Ruth Okoro Ehiagwina
Ruth Okoro Ehiagwina

At this point Philip’s wife, who he was yet to officially divorce reached out to Ini, who refused to grant her audience. Thus left with no option, Ruth Okoro sent an open letter to Ini’s manager, which read thus:

Hi Ini, I have information that you are having an affair with my husband, Philip Ehiagwina. He has been deceiving girls all over the place, making them believe he has heaven and earth. You are not the only girl obviously, but Ini watch your back so you don’t regret, I have nothing against you but a piece of advice. I heard that you might be pregnant for him, if it’s true, good luck. I called your manager and told her everything. You are a very pretty girl and should know how to respect your body and pray for the right husband. Do not be carried away by flashy things cause that could be deadly too. All that glitters isn’t gold, remember.”

Ini Edo thinking that Philip was a money bag, was in a haste to become his wife. However the grapevine allege that Ini Edo received the shock her life after the marriage because Philip had become broke.

The Nigerian-American ‘business’ man’s money had run dry, the Olofofo further alleges that the actress sponsored their wedding. Also she began to fund their lifestyle, a burden she wasn’t prepared to bear for long. Hence the reason for their divorce.

With the hostility displayed by the duo at the society party, clearly ‘bygone is not bygone’.