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Larry Omodia and Aare Gani Adams
Larry Omodia and Aare Gani Adams

EXCLUSIVE! Why I Chose Aare Gani Adams To Represent Nigeria At BAD 2019 - Larry Omodia 

In this exclusive interview with Happenings, celebrated broadcaster, Larry Omodia, explains why Aare Gani Adams and Oba Lamidi Adeyemi will represent Nigeria in Belgium

Funsho Akinwale

Celebrated broadcaster, Larry Omodia, one of the hardworking Nigerians in the diaspora, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of African Television, a content provider focused on projecting positive Africa to the world.

He is also the organiser of Beautiful African Day (BAD), a one-day annual celebration of Africa in Belgium. He recently had a chat with FUNSHO AKINWALE on his exploits in the media.

Tell us about African Television.

African Television was inspired by the fact that Africa needs to sell itself. We discovered that there was nobody promoting the good things about Africa and we chose to do it. I actually established this platform to contribute my own quota to Nigeria and the African continent.

What is the mission of African Television?

Basically, the mission of the station is a derivative of the slogans of the company. We have two slogans, which are, “Beautiful Africa” and “Promoting Africa”. If you look at the two slogans, it tells you what we are doing. We show the beauty of Africa and we promote Africa.

Beautiful African Day (BAD), what is it all about?

Beautiful African Day is recognised by Africans as a way to promote Africans and people who are doing things in their community. There are people who sleep at home while others work hard. The people who work hard do it through thick and thin, so it is important that we celebrate and recognise them. It motivates people. People like to be told thank you. So, Beautiful African Day is our channel to encourage people by saying well done, you are doing well, keep trying, we see you.

Why did you choose only Aare Gani Adams and Alaafin of Oyo to represent Nigeria at this year’s edition?

We have our reasons for picking Aare Gani Adams and Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, to represent Nigeria. You see, Aare Gani Adams, besides being an advocate of culture, his Oodu Progressive Union (OPU) cuts across about 84 countries around the world. So, choosing him is a plus for us, so to speak.

What has been the accomplishment of Beautiful African Day celebration?

The accomplishment of BAD is numerous. We have met several Africans through the event. We have a couple of our beauty queens who are doing very well around the world, with endorsement deals with multinational companies.