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Jp Blush

Nigerian Crossdresser, JpBlush, Becomes Online Sensation For Trolling Bobrisky

Crossdresser and Bobrisky’s nemesis, JpBlush, seems all out to tarnish his image, but he is also building his brand and getting some attention on Instagram 

Pearl Emmanuel

JpBlush took it upon himself to fight Bobrisky on behalf of his godmother, Toyin Lawani. This fight started when Bobrisky attacked the sultry serial entrepreneur and called her broke for throwing a party to celebrate her birthday.

Bobrisky accused Toyin of borrowing money just to throw a lavish birthday. In reply, Toyin told fans she wouldn't stoop low to exchange words with him and would rather remain positive and keep hustling for her children and the people who look up to her.

This reply must have angered Bobrisky, for he went as far as calling Toyin a bad mother and role model to her children. At this point, JpBlush, a protege of Tiannah’s Empire, who serves at the dance studio, immediately defended his benefactor.

JpBlush, whose page was on private at the time had barely 8000 followers on Instagram. He made shocking revelations about Bobrisky and vowed to expose him for the fraudster he is.

According to JpBlush, Bobrisky wasn't a friend of Toyin, he was more like a protege who was learning the ropes. Bobrisky did not own any cosmetic line, as he claimed when he joined social media, instead he was taking Tiannah's cosmetic products and repacking it as his own.

JpBlush also claimed that Bobrisky has body odour and is still a man, who is only deceiving the public that he has undergone surgery to transform himself into a woman permanently

He further insisted that Bobrisky wasn't rusticated from the University of Lagos for being gay and his mother, a petty trader at Magodo Shangisha area of Lagos, is still very much alive.

Bobrisky's brother, he said, died from sexually transmitted diseases and was also gay, adding that the crossdresser wears pad because he has anal cancer, which means in layman's terms that "his anus is leaking."

With these shocking revelations, many wonder if JpBlush and Bobrisky had issues earlier. JpBlush’s Instagram account has grown tremendously in less than a week. He has garnered 32,000 followers. This goes to show that many people love gist, drama and scandals. More updates as JpBlush continues to spill more revelations.

Meanwhile, JpBlush keeps deleting posts about Bobrisky, like he's afraid of being arrested. He hinted that he's been receiving death threats from Bobrisky, and many wonder if that's the reason he withdrew into his shell and refused to be forthcoming with more information.

The crossdresser has become an online sensation just for calling out Bobrisky, who just celebrated 1 million followers amidst the fiasco.

It seems that those who make the loudest noise on social media get to be the king and queen of Instagram.

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