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2019 Election: Voter Apathy 

2019 Election: Why Voter Apathy Threatens the Gubernatorial and State Assembly Election (Opinion)

There has been a low turn out of voters at the Governorship and State Assembly Election

Today was the Governorship and State Assembly elections across the country, however Voter Apathy threatens the election.

Unlike the Presidential election held two weeks ago which had a massive turn out of electorates enthusiastic about performing their civic duties, the Gubernatorial and State Assembly polls were practically empty.

2019 Election: Voter Apathy 
2019 Election: Voter Apathy 

In this election, 29 states are electing their respective governors who will represent their states for another 4 years.

Thus the turn out of voters is quite worrisome as the Governorship election is the most important to the grass root.

The reason for Voter apathy is not far fetched as it has its origins from the Presidential election conducted two weeks ago.

The apparent insecurity, violence and electoral misconduct at the polls in some parts of the country has left most Nigerians feeling disconnected and disinterested in voting.

Furthermore the result by the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) on the presidential election has been quite controversial.

The presidential candidate of PDP and the main challenger of the Incumbent, President Muhammadu Buhari alleges massive rigging and electoral malpractice and is fighting Buhari’s victory in court.

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2019 Election: Voter Apathy 
2019 Election: Voter Apathy 

In the midst of this conflict between these political giants (APC and PDP), electorates have become disconnected from the entire electoral process.

As they begin to doubt the powers of their PVCs and if their votes even count.

The ongoing political process by INEC has failed Nigerians and set back their belief in the electoral process to a time before 2015.

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