Ubi Franklin 
Ubi Franklin 

More Shocking Revelations, Iyanya and Another Record Label Member Expose Ubi Franklin

Iyanya reveals more shocking revelations about former music label partner, alleges that Ubi Franklin forged his signature.

Pearl Emmanuel

Iyanya is out and ready to divulge more secrets about Ubi Franklin and his time at Made Men Music Group.

The former project fame winner in another shocking and revealing interview, exposes his former business partner, Ubi Franklin and record label, Made Men Music Group.

According to Iyanya, the name 'Made Men Music' was given by Emma Nyra who saw that they were struggling and believed that they would eventually make a name in the music industry.

Emma Nyra who is now a solo artist and mother of a set of cute twins was a former member of Made Men Music and left shortly after.

The only female singer in Made Men Music at the time, upon her exit, alleged that Ubi Franklin was out to milk the artists and wasn't promoting her enough.

Emma Nyra
Emma Nyra

In light of the back and forth between Iyanya and Ubi Franklin, the former is claiming to be the brain and face of the business when it first started. He went on to say he wanted to focus on creating good music, so Ubi stepped in and handled the business part of the record label.

The talented singer said he had no access to the financial aspect of the company, as Ubi Franklin handled everything. Iyanya said the clash he had with Ubi was as a result of fraud.


The singer went on to reveal that Ubi was notorious for sowing the seed of discord among the artists signed on the label.

According to Iyanya, an indication was when Tekno asked him quite blatantly why he (Iyanya) disliked him. An idea Ubi at the time had planted in Tekno’s head, Iyanya said it took him and Tekno having a long conversation to clear the hostility.

The former Project Fame winner said he was quite shocked when Tekno revealed that the record label had made thirty million naira, a feat Ubi hid from him out of greed.

The former member of Made Men music said he confronted Ubi who began begging him, after his fraud was discovered.


Another bone of contention between Iyanya and Ubi was the matter of the company registration. The singer further alleged that Ubi Franklin omitted his name from the company documents and conveniently added his brother's name as partner instead.

He said it was at this point, iyanya felt betrayed and decided to leave Made Men Music entirely.

In 2018, a former member of Made Men Music named Chibbz complained bitterly about the ill treatment from Ubi Franklin. Noteworthy Chibzz is related to the Governor of Abia state, thus because of his pedigree and family wealth Ubi Franklin signed him in the first place.

According to Chibzz, Ubi Franklin demanded heafty sums of money in the guise of promoting his music career. He said he felt cheated when Ubi Franklin squandered all of his money and sidelined him without promoting his music. This was a reason he (Chibzz) dumped the record label without looking back.

Furthermore not many know that Ubi Franklin is a former lawyer, thus forging legal documents is something he can easily do. As Iyanya has made it clear the legal documents from Ubi circulating social media was signed with his forged signature.

There are speculations that Ubi milked the artistes signed on his record label and then dumped them.

Sadly not many of them have the courage to speak up or publicly collaborate Iyanya’s claims.

Those in the know, say that this is not the first time the record label boss has been outed for fraud by those who are unfortunate to get into business with him.

Interestingly, why is Iyanya’s revelation coming now, after all this time?

What’s the catch?

Ubi Franklin 
Ubi Franklin 
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