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“Women are not each other’s enemies,” Insists Nollywood Actress Bimbo Akintola 

In this exclusive interview with TITILAYO ILORI of Happenings, Bimbo Akintola shares her opinion on matters related to women, the entertainment industry and politics

Titilayo Ilori

Nollywood actress, Bimbo Akintola, is known for her good interpretation of movie roles. The talented and vibrant actress talked about female rivalry in the industry, politics, low self-esteem, women and the society in this exclusive interview with Happenings.

What would you say about women who support each other?

It is great to have women around talking about their achievements and hear someone say 60% of her crew are women. According to her, she didn't put them there because they are women but because they will achieve. That is something very interesting to hear. Usually, women are each other's rivalries.

So, to hear a woman stand out and employ 60% of women to occupy her workspace, that is the best news I have heard in years

What advice do you have for women who see each other as rivals?

Women should understand that we are not each other's enemies. We are not rivals. We should always remember that we are not selling the same thing.

More so, it not as if we are selling Akara that the other woman wants to steal from. So, why fight with one another? We all have our own uniqueness. You cannot lose your portions as long as you are focused.

What would you say about the just concluded election and governance in Nigeria?

When we talk about the presidential election, my mummy has been sick for 15 years, but she got up and said she was going to vote. We all voted in my house.

It is also about your passion and your belief in Nigeria. If you have lost faith in your country, nothing is going to work.

It's not about the people there, it's not about APC or PDP, it’s about Nigeria. We need to think of who the best candidate is and stop thinking of how much they will give me.

Whats your opinion of women shying away from politics and not receiving support from other women?

For women not being in politics and not supporting each other, we have that issue. Some women see other women as their rivals. Nobody is my rival. I am not trying to be arrogant, but my space was created for me. I am sorry you can't take it.

That is my absolute belief. I am confident in my place of work, my home, and everywhere. So, we should stop seeing each other as rivals but as sisters and the sky will be our starting point.

What do you have to say about low self-esteem in the female child?

For me, low self-esteem is not the fault of the child but her parents. As a parent, you should instill confidence in your female children. Because if there is no confidence from home, when they get to school, everything will become a problem

Another problem of low self-esteem is the way you behave as a mother. If you as a mother suffer low self-esteem, your daughter will suffer same. Don’t forget, she's looking up to you.

No matter who you are, once you start having children you need to step up. You must teach your children to be confident and have pride in themselves.

We need to go back to the drawing board. The way they raised me, that's how I’m going to raise my children. If I want to beat my children, I will do so regardless of what the society says.

Let's talk about sexual harassment in the movie industry

I don't believe there is sexual harassment in the movie industry, because I know my worth. I walk up to a producer with full confidence, and I play my part well with full pride. So, if you know your worth, nobody can mess with you.

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