Plane Crash Survival Tips: Learn How To Stay Safe 
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Plane Crash Survival Tips: Learn How To Stay Safe 

The recent Ethiopian Airlines plane crash has left people petrified. These tips on how to stay safe during a plane crash will help allay your fears about flying 

Titilayo Ilori

The thought of a plane crash is scary. But it’s best to think about what to do when you’re faced with a situation before you actually find yourself in it. It’s the only way to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances. So, here are eight things you should do to increase your survival chances during a plane crash.

1. Dress appropriately

It is important to wear comfortable shoes and clothes in case of an emergency

Wear clothes that will cover your body and protect you from flames and sharp objects.

2. Pay attention to where you sit

True, there are no safe seats on the plane. But it’s been proven that people who sit at the back usually survive a plane crash more than people who sit in front.

Those who sit at the back can only be at risk if the plane goes down tail first.

3. Note the emergency exits

It is important to note where the emergency exits are once you are on board. This makes it easier for you to find the nearest one if the cabin is full of smoke.

4. Pay attention to instructions

Pay attention to the instructions given by the air hostess. Don't act as if you already know it. Don't forget that not all planes are the same.

5. Stay awake during takeoff time and landing

The first few minutes after takeoff and before landing are crucial indeed, as most accidents are known to occur during this period. So, take care not to doze off at this time.

Ensure that you’re wearing your shoes and you have your seat belt fastened. Rather than leaving your bag on your lap, put it under your chair to keep your legs from going under the chair during a rough bump and getting injured.

6. Don’t Panic

It’s difficult to stay calm when in the face of danger. But panicking could result in you making mistakes, like forgetting how to unbuckle your seat belt.

Stay calm and bend over, grab your hands behind your knees and keep your head down.

Put on the oxygen mask once it drops before you decide to help someone else.

7. Save yourself and leave your luggage

Get out as soon as you can and forget about your luggage. Material things should be the least of your worries when lives are at stake.

8. Don’t linger

Once you get out of the plane, don’t linger and wait around for anyone. Run as far away as you can from the plane, because it might explode and go up in flames.

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