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Ubi Franklin - Happenings

Revealed! Why Iyanya Left Made Men Music 

In this shocking revelation, Ubi Franklin has made it clear that he didn’t swindle Iyanya 

Pearl Emmanuel

Made Men Music boss, Ubi Franklin, has stated that he and Iyanya did not have issues and was shocked when the singer abandoned him for Mavin records and Temple Music.

He said this in a recent interview, where he explained that the reason Iyanya relinquished his shares upon his exit from MMMG was because the new record label wanted him to sort out all pending agreements and start with them on a clean slate.

Iyanya, not understanding legal matters and documents, thought it safe to relinquish all his shares. From Ubi's explanation, it is obvious that MMMG wasn’t making money at the time and Iyanya thought by porting to the next available record label, he will get more deals and money.

The businessman insisted that the singer left Made Men Music because they were not making money. This is in addition to the fact that he felt Ubi was pushing Tekno more than him.

Ubi didn't fail to mention that Iyanya is having issues with the record label he is currently signed on to. He also painted a picture of the singer’s jealousy of Tekno’s talent and sense of entitlement to his profits.

The businessman didn't hesitate to state that Tekno made more money than Iyanya, and this might have resonated in Iyanya's mind and fed his dislike of and envy for his label mate.

Iyanya must have thought hard and long about his exit from former record label, Made Men Music. He thought Ubi's attention was divided and he probably wasn't focused on pushing his career as much as he was pushing Tekno’s.

Perhaps he thought his new record label would have the magic Ubi lacked in making his music a worldwide hit.

Many are wondering why Iyanya chose this time to wake sleeping dogs and have now come to the glaring conclusion that this is all just a strategy.

After releasing visuals to the song ‘Happy’, featuring Tekno on the 7th of March, 2019, Iyanya realized that he needed to do more to have people’s attention, as the song did not gain traction and massive airplay as he had hoped. He then decided to stir controversy with this.

The controversy is driving traffic to his page and he is planning to drop his latest single titled 'Halle', featuring Duncan Mighty.

After reading Ubi Franklin's part of the story, what are your thoughts about Iyanya and his accusations?

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