See Why Relationship Blogger, Blessing Nkiru Okoro, Bought Herself A Brabus
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See Why Relationship Blogger, Blessing Nkiru Okoro, Bought Herself A Brabus

Wondering how relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro, could afford a Brabus? Perhaps this will answer your questions and satisfy your curiosity

Pearl Emmanuel

Blessing Okoro, popularly known as Blessing CEO, shut down social media recently with her latest announcement about buying herself a 2016 Brabus to celebrate her 30th birthday in grand style.

Many wondered how she could afford an 80 million naira automobile simply from relationship blogging. Most people felt she had an undisclosed sponsor who got her the car. It is hard, though, to fault those who were in doubt, because many celebrities have been lying about the source of their wealth in recent times.

Besides being the founder of Break or Makeup, Blessing is an influencer for her relationship blog, especially for brands in the south eastern part of Nigeria. She took to her Instagram page to explain how she got the money and why she opted for a Brabus in a live video.

Blessing went further to explain that she went through the comments on different blogs and noticed how people bashed her. She tied it to their small mindedness and pessimism towards life. She explained that she was also at one time a doubtful Thomas till she changed her mindset.

She used this medium to encourage young girls to find a handwork to keep themselves busy so when opportunity meets them they will also be elevated. Blessing made her fans understand that she is richer than people think and wealthier than she portrays on Instagram.

She admitted that the sole reason for buying a Brabus was to make a statement at important occasions and awards. She bought the automobile with the intent to show off to people who think she's poor. She also explained that she runs a dating/ hookup site. According to Blessing, she has many politicians and wealthy businessmen who constantly patronise her hookup services. This, according to her, is her major source of wealth.

She also announced that on her birthday in May, she'll be unveiling her mansion. She promised that when she does, it will also be a trending topic. Blessing said after her birthday she will launch her therapy lounge, which will be called the "BOM lounge". She added that it is the first of its kind in Africa.

"BOM therapy lounge is not a church," she stated.

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