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See Why Etinosa Stripped Naked On MC Galaxy’s Live Video

Revealed! Read to know why Etinosa stripped naked last week Friday on Mc Galaxy’s live video

Pearl Emmanuel

Last week Friday, actress, comedienne and pioneer of Chop Life Gang shocked many with her nude display on MC Galaxy’s IG live stream.

Mc Galaxy had earlier announced the commencement of his Freaky Friday Show on Instagram live. According to him, it is an avenue for young people to showcase their talents. Last week, a young lady happily went unclad on his live video and won 50,000 naira from Mc Galaxy.

He immediately received some backlash from other celebrities and influencers, who felt he went too far. Mc Galaxy, who seemed unapologetic about it, sent a washed down apology. Fans felt he should have ended the live video sooner. In Mc Galaxy's defence, he probably felt she was an adult and did what she seemed fit.

After the criticism from many, Mc Galaxy went ahead to announce another session and comedienne and budding actress, Etinosa, promised to go naked on his next Freaky Friday live session. Most people thought it was just a harmless joke.

She kept her word, and during McGalaxy's live video session on Friday, she called in. She seemed tipsy quite alright and was narrating to fans in distorted English how her recent breakup was affecting her negatively. She even admitted to being depressed. Then she proceeded to take off her clothes.

At this point, some people began to tell McGalaxy to end the video, as Etinosa was clearly not in the right frame of mind, but she said it was her body and she could show it off as well as she deemed fit. She went completely nude and started showing off her nude body to the people present.

Social media went crazy, with some people blaming McGalaxy for being irresponsible and insensitive to Etinosa's drunken state. Others blamed Etinosa for wanting cheap publicity.

Etinosa was one of the first females to start online comedy skits on Instagram. She then started acting, but she never had the desired results amidst her dedication and hard work.

It can be quite frustrating, to say the least, working so hard, investing in mainstream movies, having the popularity without converting to money. It is depressing, especially when you see your counterparts like Maraji and newer female skit makers getting the contracts and movie roles she desires.

Stripping live on Mc Galaxy's live video might have been Etinosa’s idea. As an enlightened Edo girl, she thought to give it a shot, knowing that she'll trend and truly there's no such thing as bad publicity.

She knew she'll get more traffic, more recognition from celebrity and fans. Etinosa probably just wanted to feel relevant. She wanted to remind herself that she hadn't been forgotten in the industry. She wanted the attention. S far she has gotten more followers, her engagements have increased and somewhere in her heart she's happy because she believes her struggles have not been in vain. Some celebrities have reached out to her.

See Why Etinosa Stripped Naked On MC Galaxy’s Live Video

She has since apologized to her fans for going nude.

See Why Etinosa Stripped Naked On MC Galaxy’s Live Video