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Cossy Orjiakor
Cossy Orjiakor

A Generous Fan Gifts Cossy Ojiakor An Unusual iPhone “Xmas”

Is Cossy Ojiakor merely seeking attention with her most recent Instagram post or did a fan actually gift her an iPhone “Xmas”? Read to find out

Pearl Emmanuel

Endowed socialite and former actress, Cossy Ojiakor, who thinks of herself as a living sex doll has revealed to her fans what makes her wet.

Known for her ample bosom and readiness to flaunt it, Cossy has had her fair share of relationships with rich men in and out of the entertainment industry. In fact, she was rumoured to have dated some renowned and influential clergymen in Nigeria.

She was also known for pimping actresses and aspiring female influencers to rich men and women.

Currently struggling with her failed acting career, the former actress is striving to remain relevant. She has taken to stripping and singing in clubs these days when she is not trying to get a man to pay her bills.

So, you can imagine her excitement when a fan demonstrated his love for her heavy chest with a new phone. She announced on her Instagram page that the fan bought her an iPhone “Xmas.”

She further explained that the said fan, with initials "DG", has also promised to buy her a car. She then encouraged her followers to say a word of prayer for this fan so that he can buy her the said car.

A Generous Fan Gifts Cossy Ojiakor An Unusual iPhone “Xmas”
A Generous Fan Gifts Cossy Ojiakor An Unusual iPhone “Xmas”
A Generous Fan Gifts Cossy Ojiakor An Unusual iPhone “Xmas”
A Generous Fan Gifts Cossy Ojiakor An Unusual iPhone “Xmas”
and pick up iPhone Xmas. Well his location wasn’t far so ..... I went ... got this gift .. and hmmmm ......Gifts make me wet ...unexpected gifts make me Drip....Then he wants to gift me a brand new car on my birthday. So pls let’s join our hands in prayer for this young DG He must hammer so I can get my car gift.

“Exactly one week today. A fan reached out to me. A very young guy. That I should come,” she wrote.

Many believe that Cossy is trying too hard to get noticed, all to no avail. They bashed her for lying about the phone while others claimed she must have slept with the young fan.

This isn’t impossible, as it won't be the first time celebrities will be seen posing with borrowed phones or going to great lengths to buy a refurbished phone just to show off.

Do you believe a fan bought Cossy a phone as she claims?

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