Iyanya’s Single “Halle” Fails To Revive His Career

It seems like 2019 is not Iyanya’s year. Not all the controversies he has built around himself can revive his music career, not even his new single, “Halle”

Pearl Emmanuel

Iyanya, who recently joined another record label for what seems like the umpteenth time, has released his latest single “Halle.”

The music star started a huge controversy earlier this month by calling out long time friend and partner, Ubi Franklin, of Made Men Music.

During the interview tours, he used the exact opposite of the title of his single "No Drama" to promote it.

The singer quickly decided to take advantage of the attention he was getting to release a single.

He had earlier released a single, featuring former label mate, Tekno. Soon after, he released another single titled "Halle" featuring popular musician, Duncan Mighty, who trended in 2018 for his Midas touch to songs.

The song, which many had expected to enjoy millions of airplay and hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, has barely made 30,000 views.

Iyanya had always wanted to be more than a "One Hit Wonder" but it seems his fans have migrated to other artists.

No matter how hard Iyanya keeps trying, music doesn't seem to be doing it for him anymore. He is probably just passionate about music and ignoring the fact that it might be time to venture into other businesses.

With his new song “Halle”, Iyanya tries to deliver a high life song which is popular in the eastern part of Nigeria. But it just does not have enough life and energy. The song falls flat. Duncan Mighty, on the other hand, tries to give life to the song with his rendition, but something about the song does not quite seem right.

Have you listened to Iyanya's new song. What do you think about it?

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