Frederick Leonard
Frederick Leonard

Nollywood Actor, Frederick Leonard, Seeks Marriage Counselling From His Fans On Instagram

Nollywood actor, Frederick Leonard, has asked fans for marriage advice on Instagram. Looks like someone might be walking down the aisle soon - or not

Pearl Emmanuel

Nollywood actor, Frederick Leonard, seems ready to walk down the aisle. The actor, whose body of work spans over a decade, decided to seek advice from fans on the issue of marriage with a video he posted on Instagram.

He asked his fans to share their thoughts on marriage and how married couples should relate with each other. He then went further to say that he believes marriage is a lifelong decision which surpasses the feeling of loving a person.

After telling his fans to contribute intelligently, he threatened to block anyone who attempted to insult and troll others. The actor has overtime chosen to be private and reserved in the industry. It seems he also wants to explore social media as a means to connect more with fans.

This wouldn't be the only video he has posted in recent times where he is seen trying to connect with his fans.

Do you think Frederick Leonard is preparing for marriage? Or is he just running an Instagram mini series to help connect with his fans?

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