Sharon Ojong
Sharon Ojong

Shocking! Sharon Ojong Reveals Identity Of A Nightclub Rapist 

Fashion entrepreneur, Sharon Ojong, has sworn to bring to book the man that attempted to rape her after sharing her near rape experience. Read to know how she was saved 

Pearl Emmanuel

Fashion designer, Sharon Ojong, who is the creative director of the clothing brand, Rekana, and retail store, ElanRed, has narrated her near rape experience at a club in Lagos.

She said she went to a club to relax, have fun and dance. Upon her arrival, a man approached her and started encroaching on her space. She excused herself, but the young man denied her requests to be left alone and kept pressing on.

The fashion entrepreneur then left the area and moved closer to where her friends were seated. The young man kept following her and saying some profane words to her hearing. After much persistence from the man who introduced himself as AB, she gave him her number.

She excused herself to get a drink. The man finally seemed like he was giving up and soon announced that he was leaving the club.

Sharon narrated that immediately she sipped her drink, she knew something was wrong, so she checked and noticed that her drink had been spiked. She immediately notified her friend, Elma, who took her to the restroom.

She saw AB, who had earlier announced that he was leaving the party, outside the ladies’ restroom staring at her. She felt uncomfortable and asked her friend to close the door. Shortly after, the young man called and Truecaller identified his number as Abraham Omotosho.

She has taken the case to the police, because she believes that the man she met at the club had drugged her with the intention of taking her to a secluded area to rape her. She used the medium to encourage young women to speak out, while insisting that men who rape women ought to be ashamed of themselves.

What do you think of her story? Do you think Abraham Omotosho drugged Sharon Ojong with the intent to rape her?

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