Etinosa Set To Release New Movie Titled “Ugly Brenda”

Maybe it’s true what they say after all - all publicity is publicity! Etinosa has indeed proven this to be true, as she is gracing magazine covers and is set to release her new movie only a few days after going nude. Get the scoop here!

Pearl Emmanuel

Online comedienne and actress, Etinosa Idemudia, has finally achieved the desired publicity and attention she sought when she went nude on MC Galaxy's Instagram live video and she is milking it for all it’s worth.

She has now gone ahead to grace the covers of magazines like “Nicson Africa” where she talked about going nude.

Recall that Etinosa, in 2018, opened up about the domestic violence she suffered and threats from her ex-husband, Babatunde Solomon, which prompted her to leave the marriage. She insists that she is trying to push herself past her mistakes and make healthier choices.

She wrote a lengthy piece about her plans. Read what she wrote below:

Holding Your Head Up High and Standing Tall Through Your Mess. A lot of people were shocked I was already a cover girl to a magazine granting interviews and hosting shows outside Lagos- Back to work. They did not expect me to rise and shine. At least not so soon they said. They would feel better if I hide my head in shame, lay low and disappear for the rest of my life. However, I will be a bigger disappointment to the girls who look up to me if I do not show them how they could also rise above their mistakes:- Own your mess up- Do not let some of the greatest weapons of failure- shame and fear keep you down... And then depression sets in... Low self-esteem and the feeling you will never be anything great comes in. Don’t listen to that voice in your head or that acclaimed adviser Nowamagbe who constantly drums it into your ear that you have messed up and it’s the end of the road. Those people who take joy in analysing your mess up and how it will affect you rather than discussing way forward or just minding their own business all together. Cut them off. -The proof of a strong man is not the absence of wounds but exactly how he heals and rises for the next battle. Se ogun laye ni? Yes! Ogun l’awa!! And the absence of wounds only shows a child who has never been in battle-As casual as this sounds “I cannot come and kill myself” it is one of the strongest tools of motivation against suicide and other regret related reactions. -Even a righteous man shall fall several times and rise up again. So don’t beat yourself up. From recent events, I have come to realise a lot of people look up to me. Wow. Also, a lot of people dealing with shame and rejection from family and friends as well. A lot of people who have been tagged useless and worthless. Also the black sheep of families. At first, I said please I’m human go and look up to Jesus Christ but then again God uses humans. As a role model, I have shown you how to fall. Now, permit me to show you how to rise again like an eagle, like the Queen you are, like the Luxurious BOSS that I am. Watch this space [Next post-medium announcement - big announcement coming after the medium one lol].

Celebrities have been unwavering in their support for Etinosa, including the convener of Free the Sheeple Movement, OAP Daddy Freeze.

Etinosa Set To Release New Movie Titled “Ugly Brenda”
Etinosa Set To Release New Movie Titled “Ugly Brenda”

The actress is also taking her time to reply trolls. Read her response to a troll below:

It is safe to say Etinosa is not relenting after her debut as the producer of her first movie titled 'The Washerman'.

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