Alex Asogwa
Alex Asogwa

BBN Reunion: Why Ceec Was Unmoved By Alex’s Tears 

What was it that made Alex cry? Was it the shame, the betrayal or the guilt? Whatever it was, Ceec couldn’t be bothered about her tears - Here’s why! 

Pearl Emmanuel

Alex and Ceec talked about their unresolved issues, especially during their time in the house. The latter, however, doesn't seem like she wants to work anything out with Alex and looks like she enjoys not being on speaking terms with her.

Alex, on the other hand, has tried severally to reach out to Ceec who keeps rejecting every possible attempt at a reconciliation.

Ceec’s reveal about Tobi and Alex having sex in a hotel in South Africa immediately after the show, shocked quite a number of people, even Ebuka. Did you see Vandora's reaction, though? Priceless! Alex was quiet and didn't try to deny anything.

After more exchanges from the two women, Alex broke down in tears, and many were left wondering why, even as Ceec remained unmoved.

It is possible that Tobi told Miracle, who went ahead to tell Nina, and she in turn told Ceec who might have been heartbroken. Although she will never admit it, Ceec probably still likes Tobi.

Noami, Alex's manager, took to Twitter to bash and insult Tobi for being a "kiss and tell" but she later deleted her post. She apologized, saying that Tobi and Alex had explained what truly happened to her. But neither Tobi nor Alex has denied having sex with each other.

Miracle has finally spoken out about the allegations Nina posited at the reunion. He has urged Nina to leave him and his friend alone and not drag them into the reunion drama.

Nina has responded that she is unbothered because people's opinion does not pay her bills. Her fans are attacking her for being extremely immature.

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