Journalist Joey Akan
Journalist Joey Akan

Ubi Franklin Paid Blogs To Tarnish My Image - Journalist Joey Akan Cries Out

Journalist Joey Akan has threatened to reveal all the dirty secrets he has about Ubi Franklin if he does not leave him alone

Pearl Emmanuel

It seems Ubi Franklin is unwilling to let go of the feud between himself, Iyanya, and former members of his music label, Made Men Music.

Writer and journalist, Joey Akan, interviewed Ubi Franklin concerning his disagreement with Iyanya and the public name dragging, hoping to get to the root of the matter. It now seems that the journalist is getting more than he signed up for.

According to Joey, in his interview with Ubi, some shocking things were disclosed. Ubi revealed that Emma Nyra signed a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) about her time with Made Men Music. If she grants any interview, thereby going going against the NDA, she'll be slammed with a 10 million naira fine which she'll be required to pay. If he also speaks out about his relationship with her, he's obligated to pay a 10 million naira fine.

Next, Ubi Franklin boldly said he had evidence against Iyanya that the music star slept with many married women and broke their homes.

The journalist is now saying he edited the interview he put out because Ubi said a lot of things that might cause a lot of trouble if it comes out.

According to him, Ubi Franklin feels threatened by the interview he put out and is paying blogs to tarnish his image. He insists that he still has unedited interviews and he has carried out his own research.

Ubi, he maintains, has hurt a lot of people that are willing to bring him down and are even willing to pay blogs to post about his unsavoury reputation. He has now threatened to expose Ubi Franklin if he is not left alone.

Ubi Franklin Paid Blogs To Tarnish My Image - Journalist Joey Akan Cries Out
Ubi Franklin Paid Blogs To Tarnish My Image - Journalist Joey Akan Cries Out

The drama surrounding Ubi Franklin and his Made Men Music label is like a time bomb waiting to explode. It looks like many in the industry want to let out Ubi's secrets but want to maintain their anonymity.

Sources suggest that the real Ubi isn't who he portrays himself to be on social media. The question is, who is Ubi Franklin? Time will tell.

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