Dee-One and Alex
Dee-One and Alex

BBN Reunion: Dee-One And Leo Come For Alex

Dee-One has insisted that Alex’s strategy of washing clothes in the house might have fetched her fans among rich housewives. What do you think? 

Pearl Emmanuel

The last episode of the Big Brother Naija, double wahala edition, was quite interesting. The housemates sought explanations about things that happened in the house.

Dee-One said, when Alex came into the house, she wanted everyone to know that she was real. She spoke her mind and did what pleased her often. But what he didn't understand was Alex’s constant washing.

He said she started washing everyone's clothes to the extent that she even washed his underwear. It seemed like she was acting like a house girl, he insisted. On a lighter note, he explained that her behaviour helped carve her fan base, because most of her fans are bored, rich housewives.

In her defence, Alex said she never washed Dee-One's underwear and that she saw it among the clothes she packed and wanted to know who owned it. Angel confirmed this as the truth. She further explained that she liked washing clothes and hated doing the dishes.

Leo Da Silva also spoke about Alex’s reaction to his eviction that Sunday night, which got everyone talking. According to him, he and Alex had talked the night before his eviction about what she should do if he were to get evicted and they had an agreement. But he was shocked when Alex started wailing like he had died.

He felt she went too far. He just wanted her to hug him and say goodbye and not cry uncontrollably. He said he became angry after watching Alex cry and had to leave. He also said he campaigned for Alex outside the house.

Everyone at the reunion came to the agreement that Alex was just a cry baby. Her best way to express an emotion, no matter what it was she was feeling, was to cry.

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