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Big Brother Reunion: Ceec And Tobi Explained Why Their Relationship Never Worked Out

If you remember the name Ceebi, you’ll remember the duo of Tobi and Ceec at the Big Brother Naija house. Their relationship didn’t work out as planned and the two have explained why

Pearl Emmanuel

Even those who didn't follow the reality series, Big Brother Naija, double wahala edition, heard of Ceec and Tobi Bakre. Ceec was crowned the double wahala herself, while Tobi was perceived as the guy who fell in love with her and was willing to take whatever she threw at him to prove himself. At least, that was the case until he completely lost interest and ran to Alex for comfort and friendship.

At the ongoing reunion, Ceec admitted that she was hard on Tobi. But she also clarified that it wasn't her intention to play hard to get. According to her, she was taking her time. She described herself as someone who doesn't like to rush things, hence her delay in accepting Tobi's proposal. She also admitted that she wanted Tobi to herself and she wasn't willing to share him with anybody and he didn't want that.

Tobi, on the other hand, explained that he liked Ceec from the first week after he became the Head of House and they had a conversation in the penthouse. Along the line, he noticed that Ceec was an introvert who wanted things and people to herself but he wanted to socialize and make friends in the house.

Ceec explained that the kissing scene in the kitchen wasn't planned and that she was oblivious to the cameras. She said she wanted it and it happened spontaneously without her thinking about it. Tobi said, at the time Ceec kissed him, he was already losing interest in her. He felt like she noticed and tried to lure him back with the kiss.

After all the explanations, Tobi and Ceec looked quite cool and happy with each other. In fact, fans are wildly speculating that there might be a chance for them to work out, after all. But they have put that to rest, as they seem to agree that they are different people who want different things and would not work out as a couple.

Since it started, the reunion has been filled with drama of sorts. But last night’s episode was one of the calmest, with happy faces smiling into the cameras.