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Big Brother Reunion: Why Bitto Had An Erection While Hugging Nina

Bitto’s erection while hugging Nina at the Big Brother Naija house last year got tongues wagging. But he has now cleared the air about it, stating that it was no erection but a big bulge. Read to know the full gist

Pearl Emmanuel

There was a bit of confusion in the house when Nina and Bitto had a conversation one morning. After the deep talk, he hugged Nina and it seemed like he had a boner.

Social media went crazy, with many saying he was irresponsible for having a boner after just conversing with a young lady who went to him to find succour.

At that time, Nina didn't even act like she knew what happened, or maybe she didn't and was only informed after the show.

The reunion seemed like the perfect avenue for answers, as the host, Ebuka, also wanted an explanation.

When asked about the erection, Bitto smiled and looked a bit uncomfortable about discussing his p*nis on live television. But it seemed he had no choice and an explanation needed to be given to clear his name. He then explained that he has learnt better and has taken to wearing longer shirts to save himself the embarrassment of having his p*nis bulge under his trousers.

Everyone looked puzzled because they didn't understand what he was saying.

To clarify things, Bitto explained that growing up, he discovered he was on the big side down there. His father would always ask him to wear longer shirts to cover the bulge or ask his brother to buy him better underwear to help conceal the size of his manhood.

There was sudden silence for a few seconds, as most of the former housemates took in this revelation. Perhaps a few ladies, like Princess, might have regretted not hooking up with Bitto while in the house.