BBN Reunion: Dee-One Attacks Princess’ Accent, Bambam Defends Her

Pearl Emmanuel

Watching the Big Brother Naija Double Wahala edition, one of the things many didn't understand was Princess's accent.

Her accent kept fluctuating from American to Igbo and back again. Ebuka finally asked the question about her accent at the Big Brother Naija reunion last night.

She responded with a laugh, saying if someone else had asked that question, she wouldn't have answered but out of the respect she had for him, she would address the issue once and for all.

Revealing that she travelled to the United States before contesting on the reality show, she insisted that her accent was American. Dee-One found this amusing and Rico Swavey’s facial expression was a puzzled one.

Dee-One asked Princess how long she had to stay in the “States” to get her accent, adding that the only housemate with an American accent in the house was Anto.

While Princess was still defending herself, Big Brother showed a throwback video of Princess and Ceec having a conversation. In the video, she could be heard clearly speaking with an obvious Igbo accent.

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Princess explaining why she speaks the way she does

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Springing to her defence, Bambam explained that people can speak normally when around friends, but as soon as they are on TV or have a presentation, they switch to a different accent to look polished and more educated.

She then insisted that Princess isn't the only one guilty of changing her accent to sound a certain way, as everyone does it.

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