Tobi and Alex
Tobi and Alex

BBN Reunion: Tobi, Alex Defend Their Friendship With Miracle In The House

Pearl Emmanuel

If you watched the last edition of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, you would probably have noticed that Tobi, Alex, and Miracle formed a strong bond towards the end.

Tobi seemed a bit lost after following Ceec for weeks on end, but he later made friends with Miracle and Alex. Social media soon went agog with the hashtag #ToRaLex to celebrate what they described as a strong alliance and friendship which will transcend the house.

At the reunion, Ebuka asked Tobi and Alex what prompted the friendship. Miracle would have also given his reply but was unavoidably absent from the reunion due to his school.

In his reply, Tobi said he wanted to be associated with people he thought were strong contenders and people who challenged him to do better. As far as he was concerned, Miracle and Alex were those people. He said that he’d have been happy if any of them had won and he didn’t. He added that if Ceec had won, too, he wouldn't have felt bad. No one missed the side eye Ebuka gave the former contestant.

Alex responded by saying she didn't see it as forming an alliance. She became close to Tobi and Alex for fun, because they made her laugh. She said she loved how Tobi and Miracle teased each other and neither got upset. She just loved watching them, she insisted. She explained that she became close to Miracle because she always tried to work out his relationship issues with Nina in the house. Eventually, they got talking.

The hashtag #ToRaLex was more than a social media trend, because even after the house, Tobi, Alex and Miracle have continued to grow in friendship.

Although Miracle prefers to keep his life away from social media, the few times we've seen him, he is either alone or hanging out with his friends from the house. In fact, he recently took Tobi flying for the first time as a pilot.

What do you think about #ToRaLex? Do you think their friendship will stand the test of time?

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