Angela Okorie
Angela Okorie

Who Is Sponsoring Actress Angela Okorie’s Luxury Lifestyle?

Not unlike many other Nollywood actresses, Angela Okorie has a “big god” who is sponsoring her lavish lifestyle. Read to know who he is! 

Pearl Emmanuel

Angela Okorie recently dished out stern warnings to and cursed fake friends, especially in Nollywood. The rumour mongers decided to open her file, and it might appear that the actress is also sewn out of the same cloth she so much condemns.

The grapevine whistled that the actress has a relationship with the influential husband of her close friend. According to rumours, the man in question hails from the south southern part of Nigeria and holds a political office in his state. He is said to be well recognized and influential. The man is meant to be happily married with three children, but slay queens and celebrities won't let him be. Although wealthy, his social media relevance is nothing to write home about but he is popularly referred to as an Otunba on Instagram. His wife, a beautiful light skinned lady is by all standards a slay queen with killer curves even after three kids.

According to a Delta based online comedian, the wife of this wealthy man is based in London so she is rarely in Nigeria except when the occasion calls for it.

The lady in question isn't one to keep many friends in Nollywood, but one of her closest friends happens to be actress, Angela Okorie.

According to some sources albeit unverified, after witnessing how lavishly this man spends on his wife and children, the actress also decided to get a piece of the pie for herself.

It is rumoured that the young Otunba has been secretly sponsoring Angela’s lavish spending and shopping spree unbeknown to his wife.

The actress has become quite popular for preaching Christ and grace, which is ironic considering that grace has found her by providing her with a big god. She constantly travels and flaunts wealth but hasn't starred in a movie in months neither does she produce or run a known business.

The actress has frowned at fake friends but it just might be Karma reaching out to give her a reality check and hopefully the 'grace' which found her will also expose her to the followers she keeps deceiving with motivational talks and scriptural quotes.

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