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Senator Ahmed Lawan Dispels Rumour To Retain Buhari As President Beyond 2023

Ahmed Lawan has denied the rumour to retain Buhari beyond 2023

Funsho Akinwale

President Muhammadu Buhari’s highly favoured Senate President, Ahmed Lawan, on Wednesday, cleared the air over the rumour milling around town that if he is elected as Senate leader, he will amend the constitution to allow the president stay in office beyond 2023.

Lawan, while reacting to the rumour through his spokesman, Senator Sabi Abdulahi, described the statement credited to him as an evil plot by mischief-makers to frustrate the emergence of Lawan as Senate President in the 9th National Assembly.

“This is just a very desperate attempt by detractors and some politicians who want to taint the good image of the Senate Leader, and the future Senate President, Senator Ahmed Lawan.

“When we (Senators) met the President two days ago, he (President) was very emphatic that he has stood for election five times, and this is his last.

“The President made it clear that he wants to retire quietly to his home, on the basis of which he is going to work very hard these four years since Nigerians have given him this opportunity, to leave a lasting legacy behind.

“Buhari’s statement clearly shows that he is a full democrat who knows that our constitution only provides for second term which he has gotten, and for which he is grateful to Nigerians.

“Therefore, to come back to say that Senator Ahmed Lawan will amend the constitution to keep him in office beyond 2023 is just the height of evil thinking and bad politics taken too far,” Abdullahi noted.

The three-term Senator, Lawan, and the present Majority Leader, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, on Monday, were chosen by the ruling party and the president as the preferred candidate to lead the 9th National Assembly.

The two candidates were chosen based on their vast experience and the zoning arrangement of the party.

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