3 Ways To Clean Your Vagina Without Using A Vagina Wash
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3 Ways To Clean Your Vagina Without Using A Vagina Wash

Are you properly taking care of your vagina? Read to know if you are!

Titilayo Ilori

The vagina is a sensitive part of a woman’s body and we must be careful what goes into it when cleaning.

Because of the delicate way the vagina is structured, one must take great care of it in order to keep it clean and rid it of infection or odour.

Find a few of the best ways to care for your vagina below:

1. Clean with warm water and towel after your period

It is important to clean your vagina after your period to get rid of spotting or vaginal discharge. You will notice that a few days after your period, your pant might still get stained either with a brown discharge or red clots.

Use warm water and a towel to clean your vagina. Note that you should clean from the front to the back.

2. Try the steaming method

Steaming is not only for women who have just been delivered of children. It is good for every woman.

Steam with lukewarm water and dettol or a handful of salt and sit on it for as long as you wish.

This will keep your vagina clean and also tighten the muscles around it. It can also be done after your period. Repeat this process up to three or five times a week.

3.  Always use water

Every morning when you are done bathing, try sitting on the toilet bowl with your thighs wide open.

Dip a clean finger inside your vagina and clean it in a circular motion. Bring your finger out, rinse it with water and dip it back in till you notice it is clean.

When you are done, open the vulva wide and wash from the clitoris down below with water only.

Note: The vagina has its own natural smell and discharge. Don't mistake this smell and discharge for an infection. But if your discharge has a foul smell, you will need to seek help.

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