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Gifty Powers
Gifty Powers

Ex-Housemate, Gifty Powers, Exposes Organizers Of Big Brother Naija, Calls The Show Scripted

Allegations against the show keep piling up. First, it was the credibility of the voting system that was questioned. Now Gifty powers is saying the show isn’t real but fully scripted like a blockbuster

Pearl Emmanuel

During the See Gobe edition of Big Brother Naija, Gift Powers was known for her inability to stick with the truth. She was often caught in a lie, which made many people see her as fake. This ultimately led to her eviction from the show.

Even after Big Brother Naija, Gifty tried to be relevant by stirring controversy around her private life. First, she was vocal about her short-lived relationship with Nigerian Musician, Mr 2Kay. Next, she got pregnant, fooled Mr 2Kay into thinking the child was his and later came out to say she was the only one who knew the father of her child. She got married late 2018 to a Northern businessman whose identity she hides from the public.

Gifty has taken to social media to condemn the Big Brother Naija reunion of the Double Wahala edition. According to her, the questions asked were scripted to favour housemates who were already trending topics in order to keep them trending.

This is perhaps proof that Big Brother Naija is indeed a scripted show and most of what seems real to the general public is unreal. Gifty once opened up that during her time in the shower, they were given scripts to act and stir controversy.

Ex-Housemate, Gifty Powers, Exposes Organizers Of Big Brother Naija, Calls The Show Scripted

Gifty has also gone ahead to say the organizers used previous episodes to ascertain what the viewers wanted to see from the housemates.

This is the second contestant calling out the organizers of the show concerning their credibility. This could mean that everything in the show is pure acting delivered to the viewers in order to get their reactions, while milking millions in the form of votes from them.

The question now is, how much of the show is real?