Model With Tribal Marks Calls Out Singer Simi For Calling Her Stupid

Nigerian model, known for her tribal marks, Adetutu, is offended by Simi’s reference to the Yoruba saying that anyone with tribal marks is stupid in her cover of Kizz Daniel’s ‘Fvk You’

Pearl Emmanuel

A lot has happened since the ‘Fvck You’ challenge started, especially after Tiwa Savage's cover went viral. Many artistes have also jumped on the trend and delivered their own cover of Kizz Daniel's song.

Just like many, Simi decided to join the challenge. According to her, she succumbed to peer pressure. Her cover wasn't as fantastic as that of Tiwa. She probably didn't put enough effort into it.

After releasing her cover on social media, she just might have gone ahead to insult and offend people in Nigeria with tribal marks.

For those who are not familiar with the western part of Nigeria, there's a common saying that "people with tribal marks are stupid". If one thinks logically about it, it doesn't make sense. The popular model with tribal marks, Adetutu, who went viral when she asked to be featured on Rihanna's song, is offended by Simi's use of that line, which insinuates that people with tribal marks are daft.

I have tribal marks and I really do appreciate it now because it’s my tribal marks and a lifetime heritage. Listening to @symplysimi #fvckyouchallenge reminds me of what I have been hearing ever since I was wise enough to know when people are passing insults to people with tribal marks. Mostly said by some of my Yoruba people, “sè mo kòlá ní” means do I look like an idiot/stupid? People with tribal marks are not daft or stupid, I don’t care if they have been saying for long but it is not a right thing to say. #tribalmarksartivist #adetutuo just #tribalmarks #speakingforpeoplewithtribalmarks #saynotobodyshaming

Do you think Adetutu is right to be offended by Simi's song?

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