Shade Ladipo
Shade Ladipo

Shade Ladipo Joins Fvck You Challenge With Sack Accusations Against Silverbird 

Shade Ladipo has come out with claims that Silverbird Television sacked her for not bending to their rules

Pearl Emmanuel

Shade Lapido, known popularly for her blunt point of view on issues, has joined the ‘Fvck You’ challenge. This time, she's coming for Silverbird Television.

She took to Instagram to explain that she was sacked by Silverbird because they couldn't deal with the fact that she spoke her mind. In her post, where she used the Fvck you challenge hashtag, she stated that Silverbird felt she was too controversial and wanted her to follow their modus operandi, which to her was being put in a cage.

Her colleague, Ope Cole, has come out with a video evidence of Shade Ladipo walking out on the set of her show without waiting to finish the shoot.

This has caused many to come for her, with some calling her names.

Whatever prompted the Shade versus Silverbird drama is unknown, as no party is willing to come forward with any information about what transpired between them.

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