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BBN Reunion: Ceec Denies Ever Wanting A Second Chance With Tobi 

What was responsible for Ceec’s evasion of the lie detector test? Was it her unwillingness to revisit past events in the Big Brother house, as she claimed, or fear of being caught in a lie? Read to find out!

Pearl Emmanuel

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Ceec, found a way to evade the lie detector test every other housemate was compulsorily subjected to with the excuse that she didn't want to revisit the events that happened in the house.

According to her, she wouldn't have said anything at the reunion either but changed her mind when other housemates started talking like they had a score to settle with her.

Ebuka went ahead to ask the question she would have answered if she had taken the lie detector test. He asked her if she had ever wanted a second chance with Tobi after the show and outside the house. She was quick to say that she wanted absolutely nothing to do with him outside the house, especially after what he put her through.

We all watched the show. For the benefit of those who didn't, here goes ... it was actually Ceec who subjected Tobi to continuous emotional torture because he liked her. She seemed to think she had a strong hold on him and wanted him solely to herself, a fact she admitted to earlier on at the reunion. So the question now is, what exactly did Tobi put her through?

Truth is, Ceec liked and still likes Tobi. Perhaps she felt that after the show she would approach Tobi and they would be friends and maybe something more would develop from that friendship. But she was disappointed that it didn't work out like that.

Tobi has told Ceec to stop blowing hot one minute and cold the next. He has also extended a hand of friendship to her, which Ceec seems to have accepted.