Kizz Daniel
Kizz Daniel

Kizz Daniel Spites MC Galaxy, Set To Promote Toby Grey For Free

Well, that certainly took long enough! Talented singer, Toby Grey, has been singing professionally for years and has never had a chance at fame. Now Kizz Daniel has offered her an opportunity of a lifetime - promote her music for free all year long! 

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After making a shocking revelation about MC Galaxy in her cover of Kizz Daniel's latest song, ‘Fvck You’, Toby Grey got a response from the ‘Madu’ crooner himself.

He took to Instagram to say that he could relate with her pain and promised to work with her throughout the year while promoting her music at no cost.

He wrote:

I can relate, and hey 👋🏿 I feel ya pain 💔💔So @iamtobygrey I and my team @flyboytexh @solomonsavage1 @uthy_omg ready to work for you for free 2019, and as long as God Dey, by His grace you go blow that blow... No Puna required 🙏🏽 HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY 👸👸

Actress, Toyin Abraham, who was overjoyed by Kizz Daniel's kind heart, has thanked him profusely. Toby Grey is beyond shocked and grateful, as she didn't believe anyone in the industry would be willing to help her without asking for sex in return. She took to her Instagram page to show profound appreciation to Kizz Daniel and Toyin Abraham.

Read what she wrote below:

I spent the last few hours trying to compose a caption to mirror how I feel right now but eff it, imma say it how I can. Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude. Everyone that commented, shared, reposted has made me feel madly loved! @iamkizzdaniel , 😰 you’ve just made the dreams of a “small girl” go valid at no cost! #NoPunaRequired, I’ve said a prayer for you and as long as God dey, you’re covered. Also, Aunty Toyin @toyin_abraham , thanks for calling me and speaking some real sense into me, I appreciate it! So, everyone, let’s share the grace 😁 not because the day is over, but because “NEW THINGS AGWAN”.
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