5 Things You Should Never Rush Into

5 Things You Should Never Rush Into

Guilty of rushing into these five things? Read to find out why you should take your time with them.

Titilayo Ilori

There are certain things you shouldn't rush into. They are the things you need to think through before doing so that you don’t regret doing them later. They include:

1.  Making your relationship known to the public

It is normal to feel excited about a new relationship, but displaying pictures of you and your partner on social media can have a negative effect on your relationship, especially when the relationship is not yet strong. It is best not to make anything public until you are sure where the relationship is heading.


2. Making a large financial commitment

Venturing into too many businesses all in the name of making investments is not the best. Start a business you can only benefit from.

Rather than investing in businesses you are not sure of, work on something you are equipped with knowledge of.

3. Rushing into sex

If you are sure of the foundation of your relationship, there won't be a need to rush into sex. Make your partner understand that sex shouldn't be rushed if he is pressuring you into it. It will be sad if you both have sex and later lose interest in each other.

4. Rushing into Marriage

The worst thing that can happen to you is to spend money on a wedding when there is no guarantee that your marriage will last. Marriage is not what should be rushed into.

Take your time to study each other, and if you notice any behaviour you cannot tolerate, walk away.

Always remember that being married does not mean a person will change or drop a certain attitude.

If your partner does not change before marriage, they can never change after.

5. Accepting a new role at work

Accepting a new role at work can be enticing, because of the increment of salary and other benefits. But have you thought of the challenges that may come with it?

It is important to think about it and weigh your options rather than jumping on the next opportunity.

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