6 Ways To Get Over A Toxic Relationship
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6 Ways To Get Over A Toxic Relationship

Consider yourself lucky to get out of a toxic relationship in one piece and with your self-esteem intact. But when you get out, you must think of how to stay out. Check out six ways to do just that. 

Titilayo Ilori

A relationship is something both parties should enjoy. Your partner should be someone who is proud of you, who cares and someone who will be there for you no matter what.

But a toxic relationship is full of jealousy, insecurity, physical and mental disorder, etc. As soon as you notice your relationship has become toxic, the best thing to do is to walk away.

After walking away, though, you might begin to think of reasons why you should have stayed. Resist the temptation to do this. Check out a few ways to get over a toxic relationship.

1. Remember you can't change your partner

The sooner you realize that you can’t change your partner, the better. Most people stay in a toxic relationship because they believe things will get better with time.

Your toxic partner might assure you of changing after a fight, just to make you stay. This could continue for a long time. When you remember this, you will be glad you got out when you did.

2. Hold on to a mantra

There must be something that made you so angry about the relationship that made you quit. Maybe you had had enough or you thought you deserved someone better.

Whatever it may be, hold on to it. If possible, write it out and paste it where you can always see it. So, each time you think of going back, you can always remember that mantra and it will change your mind totally about returning to that toxic relationship.

3. Find a friend to lean on

We all need a shoulder to lean on during a trying period. It's best to look for someone you can confide in.

Someone that can stand by you, and just in case you are tempted to go back to your ex, the person will be there to make you see reasons why you shouldn't.

Or if your ex comes back to tell you he has turned a new leaf, the person will be there to remind you of how many times he/she has said that.

4. Cut ties with people that will affect you negatively

Some friends are good at giving advice they can't take. The last thing you want is people trying to force you back into a toxic relationship.

If possible, block such people on social media, delete their contact so you won't be tempted to call them.

Block them from calling so they can't reach out to you, and if you eventually run into them, avoid discussing your past relationship.

5.  Stay focused

Sit down and remember things you enjoye doing before you got into that toxic relationship. Focus on them and go for it, it might not be easy at first but you need to stay focus and believe in yourself.

Sit down and remember things you enjoyed doing before you got into that toxic relationship. Focus on them and start doing them again. It might not be easy at first but you need to stay focused and believe in yourself.

6. Never give up

It won't be easy to get over your ex overnight, but once you are determined to let him remain your ex you can do it.

Be strong and believe in yourself. Each time you want to break down, say to yourself that you are wonderfully made and you deserve someone far better than your ex.

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