Baby girl
Baby girl

Fvck You Challenge: See The Baby Girl Who Is Set To Spill Tea On Ex-Husband

This baby girl swears that her ‘Fvck You’ cover will stand out, as she is all set to spill some tea on her ex-husband with it. Can you guess who she is? 

Pearl Emmanuel

The queen of luxury life and trending fashion has promised to join the ‘Fvck You’ challenge. Like other artistes, she is ready to come up with her own version of the song.

Many are now left wondering what this baby girl, who is also a Vlogger and an on air personality, wants to talk about in her ‘Fvck You’ cover. Some have suggested that she is still hurting from her previous marriage and wants to use the Fvck You challenge as a medium to let it all out.

Perhaps she wants to let us in on some more secrets about the ex-husband, who she claimed cheated on her severally.

Right now, the ex-husband is said to be a small boy with a big God. His big God is so rich that he has acquired a house in Chevron, the area solely inhabited by the creme de la creme.

In fact, she said one of the reasons for their divorce was the ex-husband had impregnated his sidechick while he was still married to her. She went ahead to document all her pains and her life in a book, which she made a fortune from.

According to our source, the ex-husband's sponsor is a wealthy doctor who is head over heels in love with him.

She has gotten hold of the news, and now, she is angry and insists that her ex-husband is defrauding the woman. She even sent her trusted friend to badmouth him but, being a sly one, the friend turned on baby girl and started spreading her gist and trying to get her own piece of cake from the ex-husband's sponsor.

Baby girl is oblivious to the fact that her spy has gone rogue on her. Her anger is probably the reason she has threatened to participate in the ‘Fvck You’ challenge and call out her ex-husband.

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