Ghanaian actress
Ghanaian actress

Why Popular Ghanaian Actress Ended Things With Her Musician Boyfriend

This Ghanaian actress ended things with her musician boyfriend after a whirlwind romance many envied her of. Read to know why.

Pearl Emmanuel

Remember the Ghanaian actress who relocated to Nigeria some years ago? She is fair-skinned, beautiful and has featured in many Nollywood movies.

There was a time she produced her movie and featured her sister. She has released a few songs, too, but it might have dawned on her that music isn’t for her. So she stopped attempting to sing and focused on her acting.

She was dating a young up and coming musician, whose career grew with the help of the actress, and their relationship became public. They seemed so in love that many thought they would walk down the aisle someday. But that was not to be, as they parted ways shortly after.

According to a source, the couple broke up because the musician was caught cheating on the actress with a rich white woman whom he lied to that he was single. He saved the actress' name as "Grandma", the source says, whenever he was going to visit his white girlfriend.

The actress found him out when she decided to call her phone with his after searching all over for hers. Surprised that her number was saved as “Grandma”, she stormed out of the house and ended things with him.

The actress, who recently celebrated her birthday in South Africa, has since moved on.

Why Popular Ghanaian Actress Ended Things With Her Musician Boyfriend
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