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Tonto Dikeh
Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh Puts Son At Risk In An Attempt To Spite Ex-Husband

Tonto Dikeh might be exposing her son to danger in her haste to prove her ex-husband wrong and herself right.

Pearl Emmanuel

The war between actress and philanthropist, Tonto Dikeh, and her ex-husband doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, and their innocent son is not only caught in the middle, but might be exposed to danger.

Since the war between the two began, the actress has lost her temper and taken to fighting this battle with everything she has.

She is bent on making the public see her as a good mother whose interest is primarily that of her son. But her recent actions have made many question her motherly instincts and wisdom.

The actress has revealed the geographical location of her son's school. According to her, her son’s school, Brickhall School, located in Abuja reached out to console her on the war between her and her ex-husband, allaying her fears and doubts and assuring her of their support.

Tonto Dikeh Puts Son At Risk In An Attempt To Spite Ex-Husband

After revealing the location of the school, the actress came out to say that she has beefed up security in the school. But why throw caution to the wind in the first place, endangering the life of the child she claims to be fighting for? She might be fighting for her ego, trying to get the public to love her and validate her as a mother.

This goes way beyond this child and even her marriage. She is probably dealing with a lot of pent up emotions, especially anger.

The actress has a loving heart but her anger might lead her to a decision she will forever regret.