3 Things That Can Make You Go Blind

3 Things That Can Make You Go Blind

These are three surprising things that can make you go blind.

Titilayo Ilori

Some things are harmful to our sight and should be avoided. They include:

1. Smoking

Smoking has a lot of side effects, including blindness. When smoking tobacco, it releases a chemical that is harmful to our eyes.

2. Overexposure to sunlight

Staring directly at the sun or not shielding your eyes from the sun can affect your vision. Sunrays can weaken the lenses of your eyes and can cause blindness. So, always wear sunshades when you’re out under the sun.

3. Menopause

It has been confirmed that early menopause can cause blindness. Women who reach menopause between the ages of 40 and 45 are at a risk of having glaucoma and ultimately going blind.

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