Types of women
Types of women

5 Types Of Women You Should Not Marry

Are you a man who is considering marriage? Before you seal the deal, find out the five types of women you should not marry here.

Titilayo Ilori

When choosing a life partner, you have to choose with your eyes open. As the men are good in hiding their true identity, so are some women.

But with patience and close observation, you should be able to differentiate a good woman from a terrible one. Be careful not to marry these type of women.

1. A woman who is materialistic

A woman who is materialistic will not think twice before leaving you once you are broke. She is not the type that will stand by you in bad times.

You should be able to tell during courtship if the woman you are with is materialistic or not. Run for your life if you realise that she is.

2. A woman who is promiscuous

You can never sexually satisfy this type of woman. There is no guarantee that she will change when you get married to her.

3. A control freak

The control freak wants to be the boss. If she is always giving instructions and never listens to you or shuts you down with her words, don't think of marrying her.

It is best to go for someone you can have a decent conversation with, someone that respects you as the man.

4.  A woman who is temperamental

A woman who is temperamental in nature will never give her husband peace of mind and will fight over little things.

5. A jealous woman

It is normal for a woman to be protective of her husband and jealous, but there should be a limit to it.

Avoid a woman who is extremely jealous. She gets suspicious of anything you do. Such a woman can be dangerous and it’s best to steer clear of her.

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