Helen Paul
Helen Paul

Comedienne, Helen Paul, Says She Is The Result Of A Rape Encounter

Comedienne, Helen Paul, has revealed that she was conceived from rape, but she is glad that her mother chose to keep her.

Pearl Emmanuel

Actress, comedienne and thespian, Helen Paul, also known as Tatafo, has come a long way from when she just started comedy. She recently bagged a doctorate degree from the University of Lagos.

She went on Instagram to give a powerful tribute to her mother and appreciate her for keeping her alive. She went on to reveal that her birth was surrounded by turmoil, confusion and near depression. This was so because her mother was raped and it resulted in an unwanted pregnancy.

Young and confused, her mother sought the counsel of elders, who advised her to do away with the pregnancy, but she refused.

Her mother felt the strong urge to keep the baby because she was young and didn’t want to ruin any future chances of being a mother. She went ahead to give birth to the child, who turned out to be Helen Paul.

Many have often wondered why Helen Paul always said she grew up with her grandmother. This explains why.

Attributing her drive for success to her desire to beat the insults she endured from people who made her feel worthless and called her a bastard, Helen Paul pointed out that she is extremely happy about achieving a major milestone in her life. She also promised to go further in her education and career pursuit.

She didn’t fail to thank and appreciate her husband, Mr. Gemini, for his unconditional love and support.

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