Regina Daniels
Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels Continues To Flaunt Wealth Amidst Rumours, Marries Well-Known Politician

Young Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels, remains unfazed by the constant attacks at her source of wealth. She has flaunted a mansion and two Mercedes Benz cars in recent times, and it has now been rumoured that notable politician, Ned Nwoko, has made her his last wife. 

Pearl Emmanuel

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels, recently came under attack for buying her mother a house and purchasing two brand new Benz cars.

Many trolled her on Instagram for a long time after that, suggesting people she might have gotten the money to purchase the items from. But the actress has remained completely unfazed by the attacks and has continued to show off her wealth.

According to sources, wealthy lawyer and politician, Ned Nwoko, was the one who got the actress her second Benz and the financier behind her latest house which she just completed.

Ned Nwoko, a lawyer with international certificates and a firm in the United Kingdom, hails from Delta State. He was a one time House of Representative member, remembered for successfully passing 22 bills into law.

Prince Ned, as he is popularly referred to, is a Muslim with about five wives and many children. Although he lost his first son in 2014, he seems to be a good husband and a disciplinarian.

Rita Daniels, Regina's mother, is said to be in support of her daughter's association with Prince Ned, especially since it has been quite beneficial to the family.

It is now alleged that Ned Nwoko has made the young actress his wife.

Regina has also been linked with Emeka Okonkwo, owner of 5 Star Group who gave her 500,000 naira and allegedly bought her the first Benz. Amidst these rumours and speculations, Regina Daniels continues flaunting her wealth and could care less about public opinion.

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