Bose Adedibu
Bose Adedibu

Popular Ibadan Socialite, Bose Adedibu, Finds Love Again     

If you see Bose Adedibu grinning from ear to ear now, you should know that the source of her happiness is her new love, Remi Gbede.

Funsho Akinwale

The source of Bose Adedibu’s happiness is not far-fetched, as everyone knows that she has found love again.

Her latest catch is Remi Gbede, a handsome socialite and politician, who was a former member of the House of Representatives.

Bose, the widow of the late strongman of Ibadan politics, Alhaji Lamidi Adedibu, is happy now,eleven years after losing her politician husband.

Gbede, we learnt, is these days a frequent visitor at late Adedibu’s Molete residence where Bose is the main occupant.

The two have travelled abroad together on many occasions, sources claim.

According to those privy to the relationship, they also attend parties together and do other things as a couple.

Bose’s prayer and aim now is for the relationship to lead to something permanent.

Before now, she kept her love life secret to avoid any negative influence from people with bad vibes.

Recall that the high society lady cum top female politician in Ibadan had revealed in several past interviews that she would give a shot at marriage again if she sees a man that would take her for who she is .

The Late Lamidi Adedibu (Bose’s late husband)
The Late Lamidi Adedibu (Bose’s late husband)

So her new move may not be a surprise to many, including her friends and especially her husband’s family, after mourning him for 11 years.

Rumour is also rife that Bose and Gbede were childhood lovers long before she met Adedibu but they lost contact and Gbede relocated abroad before they met again and renewed their love.

It also interesting to note that Bose, during the glorious days of her husband, was a force to reckon with in the city of Ibadan as politicians of all hues flocked around her just to get the attention of her husband who then controlled the political structure of Oyo politics.

During the period, Bose had the sweetest experiences of life and enjoyed the many privileges that came with being the wife of a political godfather.

But after the demise of Adedibu, Bose discovered the other side of life. She was deserted by friends, family and hangers-on who had hitherto swarmed around her like bees .

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