Songstress Simi Tells Yahoo Boys To Stop Buying Her Songs

Nigerian songstress, Simi, doesn’t want Internet fraudsters listening to her music anymore, and she has made this clear in no uncertain terms.

Pearl Emmanuel

Simi isn't afraid to speak her mind. She held a question and answer session with her fans on her Instalive on Friday where she warned yahoo boys to stop listening to her music.

According to her, the economic depression in Nigeria is not an excuse to engage in fraudulent activities and to defraud others of their hard earned money.

A fan was quick to remind her that only these Internet fraudsters could afford to spend the 1.5 million price or more set for tables at the shows organised by musicians.

In response, Simi said no one should try to guilt trip her into thinking that these fraudsters have helped promote her music. She then warned Internet fraudsters to stop listening to, promoting and buying her songs. She said she would not condone the criminals just because they buy and listen to her songs.

The Internet fraudsters, who were offended by her statement, went ahead to destroy any CD of the songstress in their possession. But Simi seems unbothered.

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