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5 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Avoid Wearing Trousers
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5 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Avoid Wearing Trousers

Are you a pregnant woman thinking of wearing trousers sometime soon? Before you do, read five reasons why you may have to reconsider.

Titilayo Ilori


A pregnant woman should always pay as much attention to her health as her physical appearance. Wearing trousers during pregnancy is not advisable for expectant mothers. It might affect the well-being and development of the unborn child.

Here are reasons why you should stay away from wearing trousers during pregnancy.

1. It obstructs blood flow

Wearing trousers during pregnancy obstructs blood flow in the body, which is dangerous to the mother and child.

Nothing should restrict the blood flow. It is best to stay away from trousers during pregnancy to ensure the safety of the child and mother.

2. It restricts movement

It is normal for a pregnant woman to gain weight as her baby develops. As time goes on, tight trousers become very uncomfortable for you to wear.

The trousers can cause pressure on the lower abdomen, and also restrict the movement of the baby. That is why free gowns are the best, as they will allow the baby to move freely.

3. It causes child defect

Wearing trousers that are inelastic can cause birth defects to the unborn child, especially trousers that are high waist and have front zip. They are the worst to wear during pregnancy.

4. It can cause digestion problems

It is normal for almost all pregnant women to experience early morning sickness, but for women who wear tight jeans, heart burns and morning sickness could become worse.

5. It can cause infections

Did you know that tight trousers can cause fungal and bacterial Infection? It can also lead to the breeding of harmful bacteria in the private area that can lead to yeast and bacterial vaginitis. This is harmful to the baby if left untreated.