An Overzealous Fan Comes For Simi, Accuses Husband Of Supporting Yahoo Boys

Some fans are not happy that Simi has spoken out against Internet fraudsters, and they will stop at nothing to make this clear. Read what this fan said about the songstress’ husband, Adekunle Gold.

Pearl Emmanuel

Nigerian singer, Simi, recently came on her live video to openly criticise Internet fraudsters, popularly known as yahoo boys. She has since come under attack from fans and many who claim that these Internet fraudsters are the greatest supporters of her music.

The singer has gone on to explain that the reason she is speaking out against such hideous crimes committed in society is because Nigerians are being deprived of great opportunities outside the country.

She also stated that these fraudsters are tarnishing the image of the country. She further posited that the government has connections, so it can't be bothered by the acts of the common man but the only power a common man has is his name.

While explaining that she would still be fine even if people stop buying her music, she stated that the reason she took her time to address the situation is because she cares about humanity.

An overzealous fan deemed it wise to drag her husband, Adekunle Gold, who seems to be in total support of his wife's actions, into the issue.

An Overzealous Fan Comes For Simi, Accuses Husband Of Supporting Yahoo Boys

The fan went on to accuse Adekunle Gold of once helping these Internet fraudsters edit fake documents. The music star seemed shocked by this accusation.

He responded, “There was a time like that? How come I’m just finding out myself?”

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