5 Mistakes Women Should Avoid When Dating A Divorced Man

Are you guilty of making these mistakes? Read to know why you should stop.

Titilayo Ilori

There are many challenges that come with dating a divorced man. You don’t know why he ended his first marriage, so you want to be extra careful with the relationship. Read the mistakes to avoid in order to make the relationship last.

1. Not having a source of income

It is wrong to depend on a man for everything, especially when you do not know the reason why he ended his first marriage.No man wants a liability, so get something doing. It will make him respect you more.

2. Moving into his house

Don't ask him if you should move in. Give each other space to understand each other. You never can tell, you might end up not liking some of his traits and behaviours, but if you are already living together, it will be difficult to move out.

3. Not paying attention to his children

If his children are living with him, they have automatically become your responsibility. If you are going to date a divorced man, you must accept his children wholeheartedly. So you need to think before going into the relationship.

4. Asking about his past

It is normal to ask about his past, but if you ask the first time and you get a cold shoulder, drop it and wait for him to tell you. Don't make it an issue.

5. Asking unnecessary questions about his children

Some men are not as open as others when it comes to sharing information about their children with another wife. Ask the necessary ones and leave him to tell you the rest. If he doesn't, let him be.

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