Toyin Lawani
Toyin Lawani

MBP Lingerie Accuses Toyin Lawani Of Intellectual Theft

A lingerie business in Lagos, MBP Lingerie, has called out Toyin Lawani of Tiannah Styling for stealing their ideas as well as pictures and posing them as hers.

Pearl Emmanuel

The social media handler for a small business, which sells lingeries in Surulere, is calling out Toyin Lawani of Tiannah Styling on social media for stealing their pictures and ideas to start her own lingerie brand barely a month after begging them to sign her on as their brand ambassador.

Tiannah modelled for a lingerie company for a few weeks and took some sultry pictures, which some fans deemed provocative, and in less than a month, she abandoned them to start selling lingerie. The twist, though, is she's using pictures of the small company called MBP lingerie as hers.

According to the social media handler, who is calling out Tiannah, the serial entrepreneur practically begged them for the ambassadorial deal which they later agreed to because she was popular and they needed the publicity.

After one month, the contract expired and Tiannah has gone ahead to model for another lingerie brand and has also decided to start her own lingerie line.

The social media manager for MBP lingerie has admitted to posting and calling out Tiannah only out of personal conviction and without the knowledge of the CEO. This person has also said that the owner of the lingerie brand has sternly warned against calling out Tiannah on social media, but s/he decided to disobey the boss and call out the fashion mogul just because their boss won't be online till late in the evening.

Overzealous employees like this should probably be sacked, because they can cause problems for the company even when they think that they are being helpful.

What do you think? Was it right for the staff to disregard orders from the CEO of the company and go ahead to call out Tiannah?

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