Zainab Balogun
Zainab Balogun

Zainab Balogun Bares It All On Her Private Wedding, Marriage To A Widower And Skincare Line 

Zainab Balogun Nwachukwu has opened up about her one-year marriage to Dikko Nwachukwu and her skincare line in an interview with Ndani TV. Get the scoop here! 

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In 2018, actress and media personality, Zainab Balogun, shocked many when videos of her marriage to millionaire, Dikko Nwachukwu, owner of JetWest Airways, surfaced online. After a year of marriage and motherhood, she is opening up about her decision to privately marry a widower.

According to Zainab, who said she didn't expect to get married so soon, she was introduced to Dikko by fellow actress, Chigul, a close family friend of Dikko. Chigul said Dikko liked Zainab and they joked about her fashion sense, all the time nicknaming her "Slaynab".

After the introduction, she imagined that he only wanted to be friends with her. Even when people who were close to them asked why they weren't dating, she responded that he was just a close friend. She confessed to friend zoning him to the extent that she told him about her romantic rendezvous with other men she thought were potential suitors.

It was after her birthday that Dikko took her to dinner and asked why they were not dating, a question Zainab had no tangible answer to. He proceeded to ask her out and they eventually started dating.

When asked by her friend, Bolanle, why she kept the wedding extremely private, Zainab replied that she's a public figure who enjoys being private in order to enjoy the simple things of life. She insisted that she would have walked out two people she saw at her wedding who weren’t invited. But she couldn’t do so because of the cameras everywhere.

Zainab's husband is a widower with two sons, Ethan and Eli. When asked about the children's reaction to her marrying their father, Zainab recounted her first encounter with the children. She said: “At first I was Aunty Zainab and I remember my husband saying they really like you. I was like how can you tell and he was like suddenly, they are performing for you. They normally don’t do that. Then we started spending time together, doing all the fun stuff.’’

A teary Zainab recounted how the boys began to cry when she and her hubby told them they were going to get married, “I will never ever forget when we told them that we were going to get married. It was such a special moment. I remember they were sitting down and I was recording and I said to them that me and Daddy are thinking getting married.. so how would you feel if I became your mum and we got married? It was so weird they burst into tears. They were so happy.”

Stating her fears that she might not be into acting for much longer because of the state of affairs, the media personality said she would impact lives more if she did something more meaningful. Introducing a skincare line would be something more meaningful, she insisted, because she felt she wouldn't touch lives through television.

The media personality, who wants to help young ones embrace their beauty and flaws, revealed that her skincare line, "Ctrl", would be launching a product later in 2019.

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