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Lami Phillips
Lami Phillips

Singer Lami Philips Encourages Women To Love Their Dark Skin 

Lami Philips has opened up about the skin struggles she endured as a child to encourage young women who may be going through the same. 

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It is great to know that more celebrities are utilizing their platforms to inspire and motivate people, especially young girls with low self esteem who have been made to feel terrible about their bodies and skin colour.

Lami Philips has recounted her ordeal as a child who was dark skinned and was almost invisible in photographs in a recent post she shared on Instagram. According to her, she was constantly questioned about her complexion and her prominent masculine features which she got from her father.

She recalled that as a child, she never felt beautiful and was shocked when a member of the opposite sex noticed her.

 Singer Lami Philips Encourages Women To Love Their Dark Skin 
Yeah.. that’s me.. the darkest person in the picture. I grew up “knowing” that I wasn’t the prettiest. My parents friends would joke “blacky”... or ask me in Yoruba “ki lo de to se jo okunrin bayi” ( why do you look so much like a boy). I was told I was short and thick (it sounds worse in Yoruba) ... I was also asked why I looked like my dad. Why wasn’t I light skinned like my mother? So many question s... all somehow directed at making me subconsciously question the way I looked. Over time ... I decided to ignore or compartmentalize those insecurities. I ignored the fact that I was somewhat unrecognizable in photographs or less favoured for certain opportunities. I was never called pretty as much as I can remember. I convinced myself that I was ordinary. Thank God for my sense of humour because I allowed it all dust off my shoulders by joking about it. So as a teenager when a boy said he liked me ... I wouldn’t believe it. Why would he like me when there are others prettier than me? Little did I know that I was far from ordinary. Little did they know ... that I was beautiful ... TO UNDERSTAND THE FRUIT WE MUST EXAMINE THE ROOT. Excuse me as I pursue PURPOSE. (Most people won’t understand the “purpose” or meaning of this post/caption.. and that’s ok too) #skin #blackskin #blackgirl #colourism #bleachingISNEVERANOPTION #whydowelookdownonblack #blackskinmatters #beauty #stigma #blackish

Although Lami isn't coming forward with the purpose of the post, it might seem she is about to launch a skincare line or create a documentary about skin types, just like actress Beverly Naya did with her documentary, "Skin."

A lot of fans have applauded the music star for being bold enough to share such deep experiences with them and many have been encouraged to love their complexion.